artist's statement

My work primarily depicts imaginary life forms: plants and creatures that populate  a possible future, neither utopian nor dystopian, showing beauty while hinting at the opposite possibility. The life forms are the result of an altered environment, whether intentional or not: mutant/bio-robotic/engineered. Many of the pieces incorporate mazes, tangles or other visual pathways to engage the brain and help the viewer get lost in the art.

Evident in the aesthetics and the nature/future themes, I am influenced by Japanese art including textiles and ceramics; it is rarely conscious emulation, but instead a seeping through from my dreamscape what I absorbed when I lived in Japan as a child & teen. It emerges unbidden and distorted, but in a way that feels true to me and my soft spot for visual pleasure.

The meticulousness/obsessiveness of my approach is balanced by the intuitive aspects of creating. I particularly appreciate it when people have a strong emotional response to my work while simultaneously connecting to its analytical side.